Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Included In Windows 7 Beta

Internet Explorer 8 Included In Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft trumps the fact that PC users who download the trial version of Windows 7 Beta will be able to enjoy the benefits of Internet Explorer 8 Beta as well, and this version of Internet Explorer will boast features available on Windows 7 only, including a plethora of fixes after studying feedback from IE8 Beta 2 usage. One of the features available in this IE8 beta is the ability to view thumbbails of all open browser tabs whenever the Explorer icon is moused over. Jump List is another feature exclusive to Windows 7, letting users open IE8 while navigating to a specific site in a single step. If one right clicks on the Explorer icon, it will bring up a customizable list of sites which can be accessed directly. Other standards that find a new home in IE8 include CCS 2.1 and HTML 5, alongside improved support for Ajax and other W3C Internet programming guidelines. Do you think Windows 7 will be a comeback kid for Microsoft?

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