Monday, January 19, 2009

Helio Ocean 2 Could Finally Be Out

Helio Ocean 2 Could Finally Be Out

The Helio Ocean 2 has been making its rounds on the rumor mill since spring a couple of years ago, and at long last, the fabled handset could be released sometime this quarter. Since Helio was bought over by Virgin Mobile, we can expect the Ocean 2 to be available via the Helio by Virgin Mobile brand. Word on the street has it the Ocean 2 will hit the streets as early as February, featuring a QWERTY and alphanumeric keypad, a QVGA display, 3G connectivity and an external memory card slot. With the Palm Pre ready to be loosed upon the masses, we won't be surprised to see the Ocean 2 suffer from lacklustre sales due to its long overdue release date. Let's keep our fingers crossed and not speak of it any further lest the Ocean 2's release gets jinxed.

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