Thursday, January 22, 2009

GPS Used To Control Wheelchairs

GPS Used To Control Wheelchairs

The boffins at the National Taiwan University are working on a new project that involves power wheelchairs which can be controlled and monitored remotely with the help of a GPS receiver. The ultimate goal? To develop a M3S-based GPS navigation system for power wheelchairs. This would mean the wheelchair is controlled via GPS and an electronic compass, moving by itself to a specific waypoint thanks to its GIS-Map which is located within the computer. Imagine the use of this in public areas like campuses and airports - no longer do you need someone to be there to physically push the wheelchair around as this can be done from a comfortable cubicle. The proposed architecture will see modules being integrated into wheelchairs without much hassle, and will also comprise of a tele-monitor system that has been implemented into a computer network, equipped with cell phone and physiological sensors.

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