Monday, January 19, 2009

Fujitsu F-01A Waterproof Phone Now Available

Fujitsu F-01A Waterproof Phone Now Available

At long last, the world is able to get its hands on the first fingerprint-enabled waterproof cell phone in the world - the Fujitsu F-01A. Available from NTT DoCoMo, this handset is the first of its kind that relies on a fingerprint sensor using AuthenTec’s revolutionary new TouchStone packaging. Not only that, users will also benefit from unprecedented ease-of-use thanks to AuthenTec’s TrueNav technology that offers touchpad-like navigational control via AuthenTec’s AES1711 fingerprint sensor. Powered by a Symbian operating system, the Fujitsu F-01A will feature the following :-

  • 3.5" widescreen VGA touchscreen display

  • 5.2 megapixel camera with autofocus

  • Built-in GPS with Mobile Google Maps with Street View

  • e-Wallet mobile payment capability

  • 1Seg mobile TV tuner

  • Complies with IPX5 and IPX7 specifications

That means the F-01A is able to remain underwater up to a meter for half an hour without having its insides fizzle out. There is no word on pricing or availability outside of Japan though - which is a real shame. Image courtesy of Obsessable. [Press Release]

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