Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DigiFi Opera PMP Watch

DigiFi Opera PMP Watch

The DigiFi Opera PMP Watch isn't the first of its kind, and neither will it be the last. We wonder just who are the folks who actually purchase items like these, since the display is far too small to be enjoyable, and squinting at it for hours on end just isn't fun for your eyes and neck. Well, we guess it is better off as an MP3 player so good thing the manufacturer has decided to include that functionality as well. In addition, the Opera watch (how aptly named) will also boast a color display, an integrated pedometer and a watch. The inclusion of a Kleer wireless transmitter makes it a snap to send CD-quality sound to any Kleer-based headphones or receiver. Expect to fork out around two Benjamins for the Opera watch as it is released within a few months' time. Oh yeah, and hopefully pink isn't the only color to choose from! Image courtesy of Slashgear.

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[Source: Ubergizmo]