Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Prized Beef Cow Cloned

Dead Prized Beef Cow Cloned

Japanese beef is highly rated around the world, and this has led a team of Japanese scientists to successfully cloned a prize beef cow. What makes this achievement all the more remarkable is, the legendary steer named Yasufuku has been reborn 13 years after it died. Tasufuku, who led a life of 13 years (hmm, this number has already popped up twice) is widely regarded to be the father of Hida beef which is famous for its marbled texture and rich flavor. The clones were produced by using a somatic cell nuclear transfer method. So far four clones of Yasufuku have been born, but one bit the dust after developing complications after birth. Will such efforts mean we can clone great tasting beef in the near future for human consumption? The jury is still out on this one as to allow cloned animal products into the food chain or not.

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