Thursday, January 22, 2009

Corsair Enters SSD Fray

Corsair Enters SSD Fray

Memory manufacturer Corsair has been sitting on the sidelines long enough that they have just jumped aboard the SSD bandwagon, with its S128 being the maiden release. According to Corsair, the S128 will primarily target the mainstream market and boasts a read speed of 90MB/s and a write speed of 70MB/s. It will rely on a Samsung controller instead of the more prevalent JMicron 602 controller found in other SSDs. This could be a masterstroke on Corsair's part as SSDs featuring the JMicron 602 controller have been proved to be slower compared to drives based on Samsung controllers in selected tests. Bear in mind that Samsung controllers are more expensive than the JMicron 602 controller, so be prepared to fork out a wee bit more if you're planning on including some Corsair S128 love into your notebook/netbook in the near future. Scan is carrying the S128 as a pre-order for £326.54.

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