Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CMEL Slaps Sony In The Face

CMEL Slaps Sony In The Face

Chi Mei EL, also known as CMEL, hsa recently released its OLED display that measures no more than a millimeter thick despite having a screen size of 25" across diagonally, which is far larger than Sony's pride and joy that has a similar thickness albeit with a much smaller screen size of just 11". CMEL's prototype features WXGA resolution (1,366 x 768 pixels) and is capable of showing off 16.7 million colors. It isn't going to hit the commercial market anytime soon, but this is good for the industry as it shows the race of OLED supremacy will bring nothing but better and more improved products in the future. Samsung already has a 12.1" OLED prototype, while Panasonic engineers are working hard to release prototypes for TVs and computer monitors. No idea how much CMEL's prototype will cost, since Sony's diminutive 11" model will already set you back by a whopping $2,500.

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