Thursday, January 29, 2009

Century External USB LED Monitor

Century External USB LED Monitor

Century does not want to lag behind Buffalo when it comes to external USB monitors and hence has released its 8" monitor. It will not go head-to-head against Buffalo's offering for many reasons, and first among them is the size - the Century model measures just 8" across diagonally which is smaller than Buffalo's external USB monitor. Not only that, this model resembles more of a tablet than a monitor, and features an LED backlit screen that hooks up to a computer via USB. Features include 250cd/m2 brightness and a 50/70 degree viewing angle. Century has slapped a $190 price tag on it which is pretty insane considering you can get a much larger LCD monitor at that size with the benefit of spare change as well. This is an extremely young market, so expect to see prices drop while sizes increase in the near future.

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