Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dell Studio XPS 13 (Adamo)

Dell Studio XPS 13 (Adamo)

The upcoming Dell Adamo seems to be the XPS13: a thinner than Air (Macbook Air, that said) laptop that might not beat Apple in terms of design, but most likely beat them in price and possibly comfort, thanks to the leather-wrapping. The price of the Macbook Air basically prevented it from getting any significant market share and there's a good opportunity for Dell here. I hope that the XPS13 looks better in real-life than it does in these pictures (the pic above is the best shot) - we'll see soon enough. The bottom line is: customers want light and cheap and Dell might just give them that! Check out the photo gallery. The complete set of pictures are on Engadget.

Are you excited?

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