Monday, March 31, 2008

Pantel Line Up Is Weatherproof

Pantel Line Up Is Weatherproof

Pantel has a new line up of weatherproof LCD TVs, allowing you to leave them out on your lawn all summer lawn as you catch up on the latest movies while getting a tan. The 32" PAN320 model and 42" PAN420 model relies on an RF wireless package that allows you to broadcast HD audio and video within a 150 feet radius. Don't worry about glare from the sun as both sets come with anti-reflective glass that makes it possible to enjoy crisp, clear images even during the day. Dual-flow ventilation ensures the TVs are kept cool despite the rising mercury, while an integrated heating system kicks in whenever the weather outside is more suitable for penguins. The PAN320 and PAN420 will retail for $3,950 and $4,450, respectively.

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